Think Then Code by Dominic Umbeer


I occasionally write about topics that make me think. Topics that I want to understand better by writing about them. Hopefully, you might find them helpful and inspiring. I listed my favorite articles below. The blog section includes all of my posts.

Why Implicit Is Evil In Leadership and Beyond

TLDR; Do you express your wishes and expectations towards your team? If the answer is no, it is a sign that you lead or manage implicit. It is a natural habit that leaders and managers need to be aware of and handle it. Plan and express expectations towards your peers. Help and support everyone to gather understanding. Handle communication more active; do it explicitly; it is your job!

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Keep Your Engineering Metrics Simple

I believe that engineering metrics are precious but need to be adjusted to the team or organization's context. Otherwise, you might optimize metrics that are not beneficial for your specific context. Therefore, I want to share my thoughts behind my metrics and encourage you to think about your engineering process and which metrics can benefit your goals.

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Four Key Attributes of a Healthy Development Process

People sometimes ask me which development process I would recommend to their team. Unfortunately, the answer is not that easy because I believe that there is no golden bullet. A development process is individual and depends on the people, culture, leaders and stage of your business.

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Become an Effective Learner - Focused and Diffused Mode

Do you know that feeling after reading a book or an article that you can’t remember the important key parts or concepts anymore? Can you remember the last time you wanted to tell your friends or colleagues about your new knowledge and while you were explaining it, you figured out that you can’t bring the particular parts together?

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