Think Then Code by Dominic Umbeer

Issues vs. Drafts on Github Project Boards

2024-01-26 - Project Management, Github

I have recently started using a Github project board to organize and plan team work, and have noticed an emerging pattern across the team of using drafts to cover tasks rather than issues.

What are the drawbacks to using drafts?

  • You cannot search for draft content in the global search
  • You cannot link to drafts in other issues or PRs
  • You cannot comment on a draft, which makes collaboration more difficult
  • Drafts are not visible outside of the project
  • Drafts do not support templates, which can lead to inconsistencies

Drafts can be useful for quickly capturing an idea for future work, such as when you notice a potential task for a project or scenario that needs further investigation in the future.

We have established a general rule of using issues over drafts. In the case where we have intentionally used a draft, once a draft issue is scheduled and ready to be worked on, it must be converted to an issue in the appropriate repository.